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MDIN-221/241 is a highly integrated single chip implementation of deinterlacing, format
  conversion and video enhancemet. It converts SD video to higher resolution format, up to Full-HD.
MDIN-221/241 receives any format of input video and performs deinterlacing and format
  conversion to produce any desired format of progressive and interlaced scan video with
  excellent singal quality preservation.
MDIN-221/241 provides high quality edge preserving deinterlacing with the 4th
  generation motion adaptive 3-D deinterlacing algorithm and performs proper processing
  for fast motion and film video sources.
MDIN-221/241's high quality deinterlacing, format converting and video enhancement
  capability are suitable for digital display applications such as set-top-box, digital
  video recorder(DVR), DVD player, TV box and portable converter system.

Two digital video input ports for 10-bit precision interlaced or progressive scan video
Four I2S and one S/PDIF audio input ports(MDIN-241 Only)
MDIN-221 : Analog RGB/Component and Digital video output
  MDIN-241 : Analog RGB/Component and HDMI output(ver.1.2)
Motion adaptive 3-D deinterlacing with pixel-by-pixel level motion adaptive interpolation
Advanced multi-directional edge preserving deinterlacing
Deinterlacing with fast motion, slow motion and still image detection and processing
Deinterlacing with film mode, bad-edit and subtitle detection and processing
3-D noise reduction filter with cross-color suppression
Independent horizontal and vertical scaling with anti-aliasing interpolation filter
Horizontal peaking filter and color enhancement processing for crisper picture quality
Programmable brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control with adaptive contrast enhancement
1 layer OSD with 16 color and 4 sprite(bitmap and character mode)
Cost and size effective embedded frame memory
Serial I2C bus interface
144-pin FBGA packages(12mm X 12mm)
Video Input
  - Digital video input with 10-bit precision
- Input resolution : Interlaced scan 720x480i or 720x576i
                           Progressive up to 1280x1024p
- Video format : RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:2:2
                      Y/C type : Multiplexed(BT.656) or separated(BT.601)
                      Sync type : Separated or embedded(BT.656/BT.1120)
                      Digital input : 12/24-bit(4:4:4) or 8/10/16/20-bit(4:2:2)
Video Output
  - Digital(MDIN-221 Only) and analog video output
- HDMI(ver.1.2) output(MDIN-241 Only)
- Output resolution : Interlaced up to 1920x1080i
                             Progressive up to 1920x1080p
- Digital output video format(MDIN-221 Only) :
                      12/24-bit(4:4:4) or 8/10/16/20-bit(4:2:2)
                      RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:2:2
                      Y/C type : Multiplexed(BT.656) or Separated(BT.601)
                      Sync type : Separated or embedded(BT.656/BT.1120)
- Analog video output with triple 10-bit DACs(Separated sync or Sync on G/Y)
  - Motion adaptive 3-D deinterlacing on a per-pixel basis
- Advanced multi-directional edge preserving
- Fast motion, slow motion and still image detection
- Motion boundary preserving
- High frequency area detection and adaptation
- Film mode support for 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down
- Bad-edit/subtitle detection and adaptation
Noise Reduction and Cross Color Suppression
  - High quality 3-D noise reduction with motion detection
- Cross-color suppression for 2-D comb-filtered input
Format Conversion
  - Independent horizontal and verical scaling with anti-aliasing interpolation filter
- Format conversion from one format to another format with an arbitrary scaling ratio
- Scaling ratio : x1/15 ~ unlimited
- Programmable size & position zoom in/out
Dispaly Functions
  - Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control
- Programmable display size and position
Frame Rate Conversion
  - Frame rate conversion from 3-250Hz to 3-250Hz
- Conversion ratio : x1/31 ~x31
- Utilizes embedded memory as frame buffer
Signal Enhancement
  - High order programmable horizontal peaking filter
- Filter for color component enhancement
- LTI and CTI for edge enhancement
- Programmable gain control & coring
- Adaptive contrast enhancemnet
  - Bitmap and character mode OSD
- One layer with 4 sprites
- 16-color with 32-level alpha blending
- Up to 32x63 font size and 1-bpp or 4-bpp font color
- 32-row x 16-col or 16-row x 32-col character map
- Bitmap copy and run-length decoding
HDMI/DVI Trnasmitter(MDIN-241 Only)
  - Industrial standard compliant HDMI 1.2, DVI 1.0, EIA/CEA-861D & HDCP 1.1
- I2C Master interface for DDC connection
- Integrated HDCP cipher engine and Pre-programmed HDCP keys
- Hot plug detection for monitor/TV interface
- Four I2S audio inputs : 2-ch 192kHz or 8-ch 96kHz
- Industrial audio standard support : IEC60958 for PCM and IEC61937 compressed audio(Dolby Digital, DTS and etc.)
- Adjustable audio delay for A/V synchronization(up to 680ms at 48kHz)
- Built in Consumer Electronics Control(CEC) support
Frame Buffer Memory
  - Embedded frame buffer memory
Communication Interface
  - 2-wire serial interface-I2C
  - Auto detection of input video/sync
- Support composite sync and non-standard sync signal
- Lock-to-input sync mode or free-run mode
- Programmable output sync singal generation
- Built-in test pattern generation logic
Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics
  - 1.2V, 1.8V & 3.3V supply voltage
- 3.3V I/O signal interface
- Low power consumption : Max 0.5w(for HDMI output)
                                        Max 0.7w(for analog output)
- 144-pin FBGA package(12mm x 12mm/0.8mm pitch)