MDIN-150 | MDIN-180 | MDIN-200 | MDIN-221/241 | MDIN-270/275 | MDIN-165
MDIN-325/325A | MDIN-340 | MDIN-380 | MVDP-100
MDIN-165 is a highly integrated single chip for converting any video input to CVBS video
  output with format conversion, anti-aliasing filter, anti-flickering filter and video
MDIN-165 converts any video input to CVBS video output including non-standard video
MDIN-165 provides two digital input ports. It performs format conversion and frame rate
  conversion to produce CVBS video output with excellent signal quality preservation.
MDIN-165s format converting and video enhancement capability are suitable for digital
  display applications such as camera sensor application, digital video recorder(DVR)
  and other video systems.

Two digital video input ports for 8-bit precision any interlaced or progressive video with supporting non-standard input
Video Encoder(NTSC/PAL) for any video input to CVBS output
Horizontal anti-aliasing filter for high resolution video input
Frame rate conversion for any video input with embedded frame buffer memory
User programmable anti-flickering filter
Independent horizontal and vertical scaling
3D noise reduction(3D NR) filter with cross-color suppression(CCS) for interlaced video input
Horizontal peaking filter and color enhancement processing for crisper picture quality
Programmable brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control with adaptive contrast enhancement
1 layer OSD with 16 colors and 4 sprites(bitmap and character mode)
Cost and size effective embedded frame buffer memory
Serial I2C bus interface
100-pin FBGA packages(8mm x 8mm)
Video Input
  - Digital video input with 8-bit precision
- Video format : RGB/YCbCr 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:2:2
                       Y/C type : Multiplexed(BT.656) or separated(BT.601)
                       Sync type : Separated or embedded(BT.656/BT.1120)
                       Digital input : 24-bit(4:4:4) or 8/10/16/20-bit(4:2:2)
- Supports non-standard video
- Maximum horizontal size : 1920
- Maximum vertical size : 1024(progressive), 1080(interlaced)
- Maximum pixel rate : 135MHz
Video Output
  - CVBS or Y/C(S-Video) supports NTSC and PAL
3D Noise Reduction and Cross Color Suppression
  - High quality 3-D noise reduction with motion detection for interlaced video inputs
- Cross-color suppression for 2-D comb-filtered input
Format Conversion
  - Independent horizontal and vertical scaling with anti-aliasing interpolation filter
- Format conversion from one format to another format with an arbitrary scaling ratio
- Scaling ratio : x1/15 ~ unlimited
- Programmable size & position zoom in/out
Frame Rate Conversion
  - Input video frame rate range from 3Hz to 250Hz
- Utilizes embedded memory as frame buffer
Signal Enhancement
  - High order programmable horizontal peaking filter
- Filter for color component enhancement
- LTI and CTI for edge enhancement
- Programmable gain control & coring
- Adaptive contrast enhancement
- Dithering down to 5 bits
Display Functions
  - Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control
- Programmable display size and position
- Horizontal and vertical mirroring
  - Bitmap and character mode OSD
- One layer with 4 sprites
- 16-color with 32-level alpha blending
- Up to 32x63 font size, and 1-bpp or 4-bpp font color
- 32-row x 16-col or 16-row x 32-col character map
- Bitmap copy and run-length decoding
Frame Buffer Memory
  - Embedded frame buffer memory
Communication Interface
  - 2-wire serial interface-I2C
  - Auto detection of input video/sync
- Support composite sync and non-standard sync signal
- Lock-to-input sync mode or free-run mode
- Programmable output sync signal generation
- Built-in test pattern generation logic
Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics
  - 1.2V & 3.3V supply voltage
- 3.3V I/O signal interface
- Power consumption : Under 0.45Watt
- 100-pin FBGA package(8mm x 8mm/0.75mm pitch)